Module in robust housing with 8 inputs / 8 outputs | Art. No. PB020

  • AS-Interface Module in robust Housing with 8 binary inputs and 8 binary outputs.
  • Electronics fully potted.
  • COMBICON connectors.
  • external supply of the I/Os via 24V DC auxiliary voltage.
  • max. current per output: 400mA (total current limited to 1.6A).
  • Mounting with 3 M3 screws.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 70 x 18mm
  • Profile S-7.A.7.A -- M-4 Master and up.


Accessories and Downloads for this product

15 pole connector with spring cage terminals (2 pieces per package unit)

Article Nor. ZS007

Module in robust Housing 8 inputs / 8 outputs

Technical Description of the Module
(Article No. PB020)