AS-i_Pilot: the smallest AS-Interface master of the world?

On a PCB with the dimensions 34 x 65 x 10mm the AS-i_Pilot from ICS is probably the smallest full-scale AS-Interface M-4 Master of the world. Alternatively we offer it in a housing with the outer dimensions of 70 x 40 x 28mm for DIN-rail mounting. The AS-i_Pilot has -- besides the connection to the AS-Interface network -- a micro-USB-interface that emulates a serial interface for the exchange of process and diagnosis data and for the control of the master and the network.

  • Serial Interface (up to 500kBit/s) controllable with simple ASCII commands and responses.
  • Unified and simple access to binary, digital and analogue data (also serial data strings of up to 32 bytes length and safety codes).
  • All commands to fully configure a network.
  • Numerous diagnosis information available (e.g. slave status, profile and analog configuration, error counter).
  • Directly controllable via terminal programs, measurement control-, simulation-, and soft PLC programs ("plug & AS-i").
  • Ideal complement to Raspberry Pi Applications.



Do you know all our AS-Interface power supply solutions?

AS-Interface transports data and energy via the two pole yellow cable. For this reason speciall power supply units are needed.

If you want to feed a standard AS-Interface network from 230V AC (or 110 V AC) then the NT001 is a suitable product for this purpose. Further details can be found here...

If you have an AS-Interface network according to the standard "AS-Interface Power24V" and want to power it with a universal 24V PSU then you'll need a data decoupling unit like our DW001. This product comes with an additional earth fault detector. Details see here...

If you have an AS-Interface network installed and somewhere in the periphery you need 24V DC, then you can take this power from the AS-Interface network with the help of our energy decoupling module PD001. Here are the details for it...



Update to Version 1.3.8 of the "AS-iExpert" now

In version 1.3.8 the histograms for all analogue profiles were added. Some of them may be configured where required. In order to make small changes clearly visible an amplification factor is available now. An error counter for the USB2 interface was added as well as it became clear that in som configurations a large number of telegrams were transmitted with errors that led to false interpretations of the AS-Interface communication.

 All owners of the "AS-iExpert" may download the new version free of charge from here.