The AS-Interface Flat Cable

A fieldbus cable has to distribute data and energy. Due to the unique AS-Interface technology this can be accomplished with a simple two wire cable. The user gains the following advantages:

  • The installation topology is without any restriction (star, ring, line, tree).
  • With the AS-Interface cable no confectioning of trunk cables is necessary. The slaves are connected via the unique piercing technology.
  • No terminating impedance is required for lengths of up to 100m. For larger networks we recommend the use of our Z-Plug.
  • There is no additional effort required to connect shields: they are simply not necessary.

For applications in the field (protection rating IP65 or higher) there is the famous ‘Yellow Cable’. It is available in a variant with 2 x 1.5mm2 wire cross section and also with 2 x 2.5mm2 wire cross section for higher currents.