Network Diagnosis Tool "AS-iExpert " | Art.-No. AE001

The Network Diagnosis Tool AE001, called "AS-iExpert", measures the Transmission Quality of AS-Interface networks and determines whether they function correctly. It may be used on site of the installed network and is equally suited in the development laboratory.
The "AS-iExpert" supports two modes of operation: the "automatic mode" is designed for the capture of the communication parameters and a general evaluation of the network transmission quality on site. For this it is only necessary to connect the adapter cable to the network and the tool and to connect the tool to a laptop PC via a USB cable. Having started the control program the evaluation is started automatically and results in a statement about the network state. If problems are reported the remarks given in plain text should be observed. For the "automatic mode" no special knowledge about fieldbus systems in general and AS-Interface in particular is required.

The second mode of operation is the "expert mode". It is used for a detailed analysis of possibly encountered problems in the AS-Interface network. This operation mode requires specific knowledge on AS-Interface and the communication principles used. It may be used on site by trained service personnel or in the development laboratory where AS-Interface products are being designed and tested. It allowes a detailed and in-depth analysis of the communication in the network.


Basis for the evaluation of the signal quality on the physical layer of AS-Interface is the "eye diagram" which is displayed by the AS-iExpert in real-time.  Due to the APM modulation employed by AS-Interface the "eye diagram" is shown here as a double eye. Only the right eye contains information and has to be always open, the left eye may also be closed. The AS-iExpert filters two figures of merit out of this eye dia-gram. One figure quantifies the absolute and relative pulse heigth and the other the timing jitter, i.e. the relative position of the pulses on the time axis.

Based on the data that the AS-iExpert collects and analyses it is possible to generate and present e.g. graphic representations of the data transmitted. The picture shows an analogue measurement result of a slave over time. Moreover the exact number of cycles and the update time needed to collect an analogue value are given.


The current version 1.3.8 is available for download here.





AS-iExpert Control Software is supported by ICS GmbH, Tettnang, Germany on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 pro. AS-iExpert Control Software is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 2019.

Accessories and Downloads for this product

Flat cable connector with M12 socket for the connection to the yellow AS-Interface cablel (included in the product AE001) Article No. ZS006

Adapter cable with M12 connector (included in the product AE001)

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Adapter cable with M12 connector and 2MHz low pass filter

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Training software for the use of the AS-iExpert (included in the product AE001)

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