Network-Diagnosis "AS-iGuard " | Art.-No. DS004




The network diagnosis with the "AS-iGuard" aims at detecting rare or single events and thus heop tracking down their cause. For this purpose the AS-iGuard is permanently connected to the network, the normal configuration is learned and stored by pressing the pushbutton "Learn" and setting an event filter. The "AS-iGuard" will generate an alarm if the selected events are detected. In the event of an alarm a potential free relay contact is activated, an entry in the alarm protocol made and a message sent if the serial interface is connected.

The following events may be selected for triggering:

  • exceeding the nominal cycle time,
  • single telegram repetition,
  • third consecutive telegram repetition of a slave,
  • fifth consecutive telegram repetition of a slave and/or
  • configuration error and
  • earth fault.

A PC or laptop may be connected via a serial interface and an USB/Serial Converter with galvanic separation (ICS article UI002). An event protocol is sent via this link. It contains the slave address of the slave that caused the event. The "AS-iGuard" is, therefore, a diagnosis tool well suited e.g. for analysing the cause of sporadic tripping of safety monitors in safety at work applications.

The "AS-iGuard" is AS-iPower24V compatible (with the exception of the earth fault detection).

The dimensions of the unit are 95 x 75 x 23mm (without DIN rail and connectors)

AS-iGuard Control Software is supported by ICS GmbH, Tettnang, Germany on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 pro. AS-iExpert Control Software is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 2019.

Accessories and Downloads for this product

USB/Serial Converter with galvanic separation to connect between the serial interface of the DS004 and a USB port of a PC.

Article No. UI002

3-pole Screw Terminal Connector. 2 pieces per package

Article No. ZS021

Training software for the use of diagnosis tools in AS-Interface networks

Article No. AE020


Technical description of the "AS-iGuard"

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