What does AS-Interface offer?

AS-Interface® ...

  • Is proven in a large number of applications in factory automation, in the process and process engineering industry and building automation (more than 21 millions installed devices)
  • has more than 1500 products from more than 120 manufacturers available
  • reduces planning times, cuts installation and service costs and simplifies trouble shooting
  • improves system reliability and availability via detailled diagnosis
  • is an open and internationally accepted standard (EN50295, IEC62026-2)
  • supports decentralisation and reduces automation costs by 20 to 40%
  • the only available and worldwide accepted standard on the sensor actuator level, open for all higher level field busses (especially Industrial Ethernet)
  • free topology, tree structures up to 1000m length
  • easiest, reverse polarity protected contacting, no cable confectioning necessary, fast and error free installation (IP67, IP20)
  • low connection cost, high granularity
  • best suited system for 90% of all industrial sensors and 75% of all industrial actuators
  • Safety functionality integrated
  • Transfer of serial data, parameterization and diagnosis available since V3.0