The Technology of AS-Interface

AS-Interface has been designed as an intelligent replacement of the cable tree in the lower level of the automation pyramid. With AS-Interface it is possible to transmit data and energy (24V DC, up to 12A) via two wires that do not need to be shielded. These may be laid out in a tree like structure and do not need a termination impedance for distances of up to 100m. Thus the replacement of the traditional cable tree leads to exceptionally simple and cost effective solutions. AS-Interface with its high integration capabilities supports the modular structure of automation information networks. In a multitude of applications around the world, particularly in harsh industrial environments, the implementation of the simple and robust AS-Interface components has been a tremendous success. More than 27 Million installed AS-Interface slaves (2013) worldwide demonstrate this every day.

AS-Interface was developed from 1990 to 1994 as a joint project between 11 German and Swiss companies. The AS-International Association as a neutral institution holds the rights of the standard and is responsible for the continuous innovation process.

In many industrialised countries worldwide there are local organisations that support AS-Interface.

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